Forty with four kids and a four month old


FOUR; leading up to my birthday my thoughts have turned to this time last year October 2017 “I’m about to turn FOUR-ty and I am FOUR weeks pregnant”. Fast forward to this week; October 2018 “This is my last week being FOUR-ty, I have a FOUR-month-old and FOUR beautiful children. Turning FOUR-ty was painful. It […]

Praying for Breakthrough – what I learned


Needing a breakthrough? I do. Often, when I encounter a recurring theme in my thoughts and prayers it’s time to dig deeper. One day, mulling this over, I saw an image of a thick wall, multiple layers of stone and brick deep. The wall was slowly being taken down with a hammer and a chisel. […]

How to be the best mom on the planet

Isaac Lewis Birt-0031

I have a question for you. Did the title of this post evoke an eye roll? I read similar statements repeatedly on social media sites this past Sunday – Mother’s Day – and rolled my eyes… a lot. Every statement seemed to shine a laser beam on my mothering short comings.  I appreciate that. So […]

Saint Patricks Day – Who was he?

2014-03-01 16.23.44

This morning, over shamrock shaped biscuits and green juice, I asked the kids what Saint Patrick’s Day was all about. Giving their accounts of tall tales of a golden rod used to scare away snakes and other myths mixed with a fact or two, we shared a laugh.  In response, I spent some time researching the […]

August York – Mckendree & Rachel Tucker – Golden Isles Magazine – Noisemakers Feature

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  Here’s a  “Behind the Scenes” look at my process and a lesson learned when writing a feature article for my bro and sis-in-law’s husband/wife duo; August York (Read the article here on page 78-79) The article briefly chronicles his stint as an on-the-road musician in the Contemporary Christian Music world. Since the article release, […]

Smiles are Magic – As Beiber Said, “You Smile, I Smile”

"Smiles Are Magic"

One otherwise normal school night while carrying out the nightly routines I learned a profound lesson from my then-seven year old. Climbing into the eldest son’s bunk – hard to do at 30+ weeks pregnant – we’d started a nightly bedtime event called “Mommy-Son Talk”.  The boy was allotted 10+ minutes to share all the […]

Mandy Thompson – Mixed Media Artist – Golden Isles Magazine Feature

Mandy Thompson Golden Isles Magazine Artist Article Mixed Media

My freelance writing endeavors have covered a myriad of projects and currently have me writing two regular feature articles for Golden Isles Magazine. “By Hand” spotlights an artist in the Golden Isles. “Noisemakers” spotlights a musician or group from or currently residing in the Golden Isles. The current “By Hand” feature is about Mandy Thompson. […]