Hi! I’m Cyle Augusta, and this is the truth: I am ALWAYS telling a story.

Most anything can be a story, but I really enjoy the telling part. In order to get the story, I have to ask the questions. I’ve been known to ask quite a few. Answers are my flashlight, helping me to see the way as patterns emerge, dots are connected, and the story is born – begging to be told!

I help influential individuals and businesses tell their unique story by asking key questions, actively listening, and arranging all of the pieces into the written picture of who they are and what they want to convey.

My love of telling the story led to creating a blog in 2010 and grew into writing professionally for business and media:
• Human Interest Stories
• Features
• Copy
• Content
• SEO for e-commerce & business
• Product Research
• Social Media Management
All published writings can be found under the tab at the top menu. If you are interested in seeing copy work or examples from other categories, send me a message and I’ll point you in the right direction.

On the personal side, I have a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and taught a rotating class of 24+ kindergartners for 5 years. After having my own little peanut, I put teaching on hold. A little over two years later, I had our second. And five years later, our third.

I am a ministry wife and what many assume to be a stay-at-home mom. And, while I am both of those things, over these years away from the classroom, I have discovered a love for writing other peoples stories, a true passion for entrepreneurialism, a growing obsession with research, and an affinity for subjects related to online business. This obsession has led to bona fide work in all of these areas! I now call myself an undercover stay-at-home mom. To validate this title, I do have a toddler at home and know that a good game of peek-a-boo can really stimulate the brain and bring more smiles to the day.

I wear the “entrepreneur” hat and run an online business, Hope Farm & HunnyB – through Etsy. My husband is a true renaissance man and serves as the “master of operations” – a key part of this endeavor.  We specialize in handcrafted niche items such as unique cake toppers and photo props. We agree that stumbling into this business was the best accident of our lives…apart from our 1st and 3rd sons!  We’ve learned all aspects of running a business and have worked with brides and customers in almost every state as well as doing business internationally. While this was our first startup business, there are more to come.

When I’m not writing someone else’s stories, doing social media marketing strategies, researching keywords for seo clients, or creating a listing for our own products, I constantly have these “lessons” forming in my mind. My desktop folders are full of “writings” and this blog is a place to write the stories that bring me to a deeper place of contented living, inspire peace, spread hope and promote the truth that God is Love.