Forty with four kids and a four month old

Lewis,HopeElizabeth3monthsession(17of29)FOUR; leading up to my birthday my thoughts have turned to this time last year
October 2017
“I’m about to turn FOUR-ty and I am FOUR weeks pregnant”.
Fast forward to this week;
October 2018
“This is my last week being FOUR-ty, I have a FOUR-month-old and FOUR beautiful children. Turning FOUR-ty was painful. It hurt my feelings. Now, that I am 365 days past, I tear-up recounting what God has done for me, to close out the baby years, in the last 30 days of my 30’s. He allowed my precious Hope to be conceived and bring the kid count to FOUR. I am forever ruined by His love for me. Today, I am 41! In celebration, I am sharing a photo from a lifestyle session I did with Elizabeth LaRoche Photography when Hope was Three and a half months old.

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