Forty with four kids and a four month old


FOUR; leading up to my birthday my thoughts have turned to this time last year October 2017 “I’m about to turn FOUR-ty and I am FOUR weeks pregnant”. Fast forward to this week; October 2018 “This is my last week being FOUR-ty, I have a FOUR-month-old and FOUR beautiful children. Turning FOUR-ty was painful. It […]

Smiles are Magic – As Beiber Said, “You Smile, I Smile”

"Smiles Are Magic"

One otherwise normal school night while carrying out the nightly routines I learned a profound lesson from my then-seven year old. Climbing into the eldest son’s bunk – hard to do at 30+ weeks pregnant – we’d started a nightly bedtime event called “Mommy-Son Talk”.  The boy was allotted 10+ minutes to share all the […]